Hi guys, welcome to my website and my life. As you’re about to see I’m a bit of a nut, not just with sex but in life in general, I like to think it’s part of my charm;-) If I look familiar it’s because I’ve done some modelling (I like to think of fucking on camera as modelling) online for a few years and finally launched my own website. I am a very sexual person and love experimenting and having fun with it as you’re about to see...

After you’ve watched that fun little preview video I made you’ll see why I consider myself a very sexual person and a bit of a nut in the bedroom, or the living room, the kitchen, the back seat, you get the idea;-)

When it comes to sex I’m like a guy, I love variety. One of my fuck buddies once said “There’s only one thing better then pussy, and that’s new pussy” I couldn’t agree more, except I love the cock;-)

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